What Is An Artisan


An artisan is a skilled craft person who creates things by hand. This means that an artisan mainly uses his or her hands more than complex technology and machinery to practice their craft. The things made by such a person can be  functional or decorative depending on the category. Some of the things that can be made in this way include: furniture, sculpture, jewelry, food items, tools and household items among others. Because of the high skills required an artisan needs to be good in his or her work. Most of the people who work in this way are usually highly trained but may not have undergone any formal training to learn their skills or perhaps learned them via an apprenticeship to a master of the craft. Trainee artisans mostly learn on the job where they observe and emulate what the experienced artisans are doing. But others go through training where they attend various learning institutions. Most of the lessons in these institutions are usually physical for the students need to know how to work using their own hands instead of using machines.

what is an artisan

About Artisan Jobs

The demand for artisans has been increasing steadily especially because of the improvement in technology. Machines and other technological gadgets have been doing most things that were traditionally done by hand. But there are things that are better done by hand and as a result the demand for artisans is still high. There are also other things that require the use of both machines and hands. Most artisans usually work privately instead of being employed. But it is still possible for one to get a job even in big companies, depending on their skills.

About Artisan Crafts

One of the most popular artisan categories is artisan crafts. This type of work involves using hands to create different things that are art oriented. Such things include drawings and sculptures which require a lot of skills. Most craft workers are usually highly talented where they only require training to better their skills. A majority of the people who do craft work work both for private clients, and also sell their work publicly. Some of the people working in this line of work might decide to incorporate modern tools to ensure they produce high quality work. The most important quality for craftspeople  is creativity, because this is one of the main talents that determines the quality of the work produced.

About Artisan Foods

Another popular artisan category is artisan foods such as bread baking and cheese. Training is required because one needs to learn the different ways of preparing food. Most of the people who are very competent in this line of work are usually employed by big hotels. There are some people who work in this category who are even celebrities because they are well known and they are highly skilled. Such people are able to prepare special dishes using different types of ingredients. They more experienced people are also more skilled because they know the mistakes to avoid while preparing different kinds of dishes.

About Artisan Jewelry

Artisan jewelry is also another popular artisan category. Fine artisan jewelry is usually made of precious or semi-precious stones and precious metals. The artisans who work in this area usually decorate the jewelry by creating different shapes or incorporating different colors. This is one of the oldest artisan categories which was practiced by ancient people from different parts of the world. The most established people who work in this category usually use precious metals and stones such as diamond and gold. Other materials can also be used provided they can be converted to making high quality jewelry. Because of the high quality materials used in artisan jewelry the rewards are also high. But one needs to be highly skilled so as to be successful. While artisan jewelry may not always hold a high intrinsic value, it has value due to being made by a skilled crafts person.

About Artisan Fishing

Artisan fishing is also a widely practiced artisan profession. This skill is usually learned on the job where people observe what the experienced people are doing. It requires certain skills to know the most ideal ways of catching fish. It also requires certain knowledge to know the most ideal places and time to catch fish perfectly. Most of the people who work in this category work as business people who sell the fish that they catch. But there are others who fish for the purpose of getting food.

Being an artisan can be a rewarding profession for those who love to work with their hands, be independent, and have the talent and dedication to succeed.